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Information for iPad and iPhone


How do I borrow e-books?

See instructions here how the borrowing process works. The books you borrowed will always be accessible via "My Pages".


How do I read e-books on my iPad/iPhone?

E-books can be read either directly in your browser, or downloaded to your iPad / iPhone with the app Bluefire Reader.

Read online

To read a book you borrowed online, go to "My pages", go to the book you want to read and click on "Read".

Note that you must be connected to the Internet to read online. Unfortunately not all books available in this format; You can always see if a book is available for online reading before you borrow it by saying "This book can be read directly online" under "borrow" button.

Instructions for the online reader:

- Browse: Click right to browse forward, left to browse backwards. You can also browse longer pieces by dragging scroll bar at the bottom of the page.

- Menu: Press the center of the text to bring up a menu where you can search the text, see your bookmarks, change the text settings, and see details about the book.

- Bookmarks: To add a bookmark in the text, select a word in the paragraph you want to bookmark. Click "Save Bookmark" and type in what you      wants. Your bookmarks and notes are saved as long as the loan is active.


To download e-books to your iPad, you need to first install a software that can manage e-books. We recommend Bluefire Reader, but all software that handles the format EPUB and Adobe DRM to work - see list here.

1. Install the Bluefire Reader from iTunes App Store.

2. Create an Adobe-ID, if you don't already have one, and authorize Bluefire by clicking "Info" and "Authorize" in the app.

3. Go to "My Loans" and click "Download" for the book you want to borrow. Then click the "Open in Blue Fire". The book is downloaded to Bluefire Reader      and you can start reading right away. When you want to continue reading the book lies in the Bluefire Reader.

We strongly recommend that you use the Safari browser when you download e-books. Other browsers - such as Google - often have problems interpreting the download links. If you click on the download link and will remain on the same page      without the book is downloaded, make sure you are using Safari, then try again


What is an Adobe ID?

When you install a program for reading e-books, you are prompted to create an Adobe ID, which you do here. This is a free and relatively easy process, which allows the you read your copy-protected e-book up to six different devices by entering the same Adobe ID at all. Read more about this on the Adobe website here.

After you register an Adobe ID, you can authorize Bluefire Reader with it by clicking on the "Info", "authorize" and enter your Adobe ID (the email address you provided at Adobe) and password.


Can I transfer e-books from my computer?

Yes. You also need to have the Bluefire Reader installed on your iPad / iPhone (see above), then do as below:

1. Install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer as here . Authorize the program with the same Adobe ID you use in Bluefire Reader      and then download the book.

2. Once the book is downloaded to Adobe Digital Editions on your computer it is stored under "Documents" folder and the "My Digital Editions" (Windows) / "Digital Editions"      (Mac). It is called something like [book title] .epub or [book title] .pdf.

3. Launch iTunes and plug in your iPhone / iPad. It will appear under "Devices" in the left column. Click on it and then select the program. You      see Bluefire Reader listed under "File Sharing", with a list of the books you've already entered are listed under the "BlueFire document".

4. Click the "Add ..." and browse to the book file on your computer (see point 3). Mark the book and choose "Add". The book is added to the      "Bluefire document". Sync with your iPhone / iPad.

5. Disconnect your iPhone / iPad and open the Bluefire Reader in it. The book has been transferred to your library.


Why do I get this error message?

This occurs because you haven't authorized Bluefire Reader with an Adobe-ID. You can fix this by following the instructions here.

I get no error message at all, or my download link never leaves the download page

Make sure that you are using the Safari browser, and not some other browser like Google Chrome.

If you get any other error message - don't hesitate to contact the support and they will help you.


How do I remove books from the Bluefire Reader?

Go to the list of books and click on the right arrow to get information about the book title. Select "Delete" and "OK". If you are asked "Would you also like to return this item?", answer "No".

Notice: Use the "Delete" function, not the "Return" function. If you use the "Return" will BlueFire to say that you returned the loan and not open the book again. You can't return the loan in advance in this way, the loan period is always exactly 28 days.



How do I borrow audiobooks?

See instructions here how the borrowing process works. The books you borrowed will always be accessible via "My Pages".


How do I listen to an audiobook on my iPad/iPhone?

1. Download the Axiell Media app Biblio in the App Store

2. Log in with your regular library card number and PIN-code

3. Search and borrow books. You will find all your loans under My loans where you can listen, pause and make bookmarks. The player remembers how far you came last time in the respective book and continues from that point in time of the book.


Why is the sound turned off when I turn off the screen?

Since the audiobook plays in a browser window, in some cases the browser might stop responding when you close the screen. If you use the Safari browser, this should not happen.


Do I need a special browser to listen to audiobooks?

No, it should work with Safari which is the standard browser in IOS.


Does it cost anything to listen to audiobooks on the phone?

There are no costs from the library, but we recommend that you check what you pay your mobile operator for data traffic.