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E-books / Historic facsimile

Cover for Fribrytaren


Efter över fyrtio år på havet återvänder Jean Peyrol till en liten gård i Toulon i hans hemland Frankrike. Ett land skakat av politisk instabilitet när franska revolutionen lider m ...

Cover for Rosor i blom

Rosor i blom

Rose återvänder hem tillsammans med sin farbror Alec och sin väninna Phebe, efter flera år utomlands. Roses familj önskar att hon ska gifta sig, en önskan som Rose inte ämnar uppfy ...

Cover for Man and Wife

Man and Wife

Imagine as a woman losing all your property to your husband. Sadly, such was the law for much of the Victorian times. Wilkie Collins’s novel "The Woman in White" (starring Charles ...

Cover for Dubliners


First published in 1914, ‘Dubliners’ was Irish novelist James Joyce’s first short story collection. The collection explores middle-class life in Ireland in the 20th century and the ...

Cover for Bortsnappad


17 år gamla David Balfours föräldrar har gått bort nyligen och han försöker hitta sin plats i världen. En dag får David ett brev som han ska leverera till Shaws hus där hans farbro ...

Cover for Father Goriot

Father Goriot

An overprotective father. A cunning criminal. A young student navigating the world of high society and love. In Paris, 1819, three stranger’s fates are intertwined in a tale of cor ...

Cover for Young Goodman Brown

Young Goodman Brown

First published in 1835, ‘Young Goodman Brown’ is a short story by the renowned American author, Nathaniel Hawthorne. Set in 17th century Salem, young Goodman Brown tells his new w ...

Cover for Frederic & Elfrida

Frederic & Elfrida

Written by a young Jane Austen, 'Frederic and Elfrida' is a short story that beautifully showcases Austen as the original queen of wit. Penned at around the age of twelve, this is ...

Cover for The Three Sisters and Other Stories

The Three Sisters and Other Stories

With handsome rich men and ladies of leisure fluttering their eyelids trying to catch their attention, 'The Three Sisters' reads like a humorous trial run for 'Pride and Prejudice' ...

Cover for Candide; or Optimism

Candide; or Optimism

'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' - that's the essence of Voltaire's 'Candide'. For, like the ever-upbeat character in 'Monty Python's Life of Brian', the eponymous Candide ...

Cover for Carmilla


Laura lives an isolated life with her father, alone in a castle in the Austrian wilderness. When the mysterious Carmilla, a strange and beautiful lady, arrives in the night, no one ...

Cover for North and South

North and South

"North and South" is perhaps Elizabeth Gaskell’s most famous novel which poignantly deals with the issues of industrialisation from the working class perspective. When young Margar ...

Cover for At the Earth's Core

At the Earth's Core

Telepathic birds, cavemen and prehistoric monsters. Not exactly what you would expect to find at the centre of the Earth! 'At the Earth’s Core' is the first novel in Burroughs’ fa ...

Cover for Lazarus


'Lazarus' is a supernatural return-of-the-living-dead short story by Leonid Andreyev that offers a ubiquitously novel, weird and nihilistic rendition of the Christian resurrection ...

Cover for The Hill of Dreams

The Hill of Dreams

'The Hill of Dreams' follows the story of the introverted rector's son Lucian Taylor. He stumbles upon an odd Roman hill fort in his Welsh hometown which possesses his mind with su ...

Cover for Möss och människor (lättläst)

Möss och människor (lättläst)

Lennie och George lever på landsbygden i Kalifornien under depressionen. De försörjer sig genom att arbeta på olika gårdar. Vännerna drömmer om att tjäna ihop så mycket pengar att ...

Cover for När var tar sin

När var tar sin

Bröderna Sören och Fredrik bor i Stockholm. Endast några år skiljer dem åt, men Fredrik bor fortfarande hemma hos deras faster efter föräldrarnas bortgång. Bröderna delar mycket - ...

Cover for The War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds

‘The War of the Worlds’ is H. G. Wells’ most popular novel and is celebrated as one of the most influential and greatest science-fiction stories ever. Its popularity stems largely ...

Cover for The Idiot

The Idiot

Why is it that people mistake sincerity, kindness and positivity as stupidness? Lev Myshkin has all these great character qualities and certainly is no idiot though everyone assume ...

Cover for The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

Inspired by true events from the Paris Opera, ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ is the most famous novel from French author Gaston Leroux. A strange phantom haunts the opera, causing fata ...

Cover for Far from the Madding Crowd

Far from the Madding Crowd

Who wouldn't want passionate love in their life? Of course, this love is usually accompanied by a lot of jealously, conflict and tragedy and this novel is no exception to that rule ...

Cover for An Old Fashioned Girl

An Old Fashioned Girl

‘An Old Fashioned Girl’ is a tale of the country girl in the big city before it had ever been done. Polly Milton, on a visit to her wealthy city dweller friend Fanny Shaw, is compl ...

Cover for A Garland for Girls

A Garland for Girls

‘A Garland for Girls’ is a collection of stories written by Alcott for her own amusement in a time of "enforced confinement". The collection is a wonderful assortment of hopelessly ...

Cover for The Angel of Terror

The Angel of Terror

‘Angel of Terror’ is a tale of the femme fatale, a vast family fortune and the lengths people will go for money. Behind the mask of this sweet faced, beautiful woman is a cold, unf ...

Cover for Spöket på Canterville och ett par andra noveller

Spöket på Canterville och ett par andra noveller

Den amerikanske ministern Hiram B. Otis och hans familj flyttar in i det engelska slottet Canterville, trots omgivningens försök att avskräcka dem. Det spökar nämligen där. Efter f ...