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Cover for The Nixie of the Mill-Pond

The Nixie of the Mill-Pond

We should be very careful with the agreements we make because do you know what happened in "The Nixie of the Mill-Pond"? A rich man made a bargain with a nixie: the nixie was going ...

Cover for The Moon

The Moon

Long time ago there was a land where the moon never shined. Four boys decided to steal the moon from another place where it shined so bright during the night. They brought it back ...

Cover for Domestic Servants

Domestic Servants

What is the most entertaining thing you can think of doing while going somewhere? What about talking about random stuff? Why not discussing the names you have given your children o ...

Cover for The Maid of Brakel

The Maid of Brakel

Have you seen or heard people praying? The woman in our story does the same. She goes to a chapel in the German town named Brakel and she starts praying out loud as the thinks ther ...

Cover for Knoist and His Three Sons

Knoist and His Three Sons

Can a blind man shot a hare and a naked man put something in his pocket? Can three brothers get into a boat without a bottom? Why not? Everything is possible in tales, right? Are y ...

Cover for The Iron Stove

The Iron Stove

A poor prince is enchanted and turned into an iron stove. A princess stumbles upon the iron stove or the prince in other words and the prince begs her scrape a hole in the iron so ...

Cover for The Devil and His Grandmother

The Devil and His Grandmother

The soldiers in our story were not happy with the payment they received from the king so they deserted. Suddenly a flying dragon showed up from nowhere. He was actually the Devil h ...

Cover for The Three Brothers

The Three Brothers

An old father is ready to give his house to one of his three sons. Who will it be? He will decide based not only on the trade they learn but also on how excellent they perform it. ...

Cover for The Jew among Thorns

The Jew among Thorns

Once lived a boy who served a rich man for three years. The boy decided to leave service and asked his master to give him what he had earned. Unfortunately he got only three farthi ...

Cover for The Shroud

The Shroud

A mother loses her child and she simply cannot get over it. She is desperate and cries all the time. One day she sees the ghost of her precious little boy. Is she going crazy or th ...

Cover for Bearskin


Can you imaging having to wear a bearskin for seven years without taking it off? It may sound impossible but the soldier in our story was willing to try. After all he went into an ...

Cover for The Pink

The Pink

The king and the queen finally got a son but he was not just an ordinary boy. He had special powers and all he wished for, he got. The cook in the castle got envious and he decided ...

Cover for The Three Feathers

The Three Feathers

There lived once a father who wanted to put his sons to the test. He asked them to bring him the most beautiful carpet, the most glamorous ring and the most magnificent woman. He b ...

Cover for Thumbling as Journeyman

Thumbling as Journeyman

Thumbling is a tailor’s little son whose adventures do not come to an end. He likes wandering around and he stumbles upon robbers, animals and other creatures. Thumbling is however ...

Cover for The Three Little Men in the Forest

The Three Little Men in the Forest

Have you heard the saying "kindness pays back"? Here goes a story proving us the truth in these words. A poor girl lived with her sister and step-mother. The step-mother made the g ...

Cover for Omenapuun suojassa: Runoja ja Novelleja

Omenapuun suojassa: Runoja ja Novelleja

Omenapuun suojassa on kokoelma Runoja ja Novelleja, jotka Arto Koivumäki on kirjoittanut luovan kirjoittamisen kurssin tehtävinä. Tehtävissä on luotu vuoropuheluita ja henkilöhahmo ...

Cover for Salapoliisijuttu sekin ja muita kertomuksia

Salapoliisijuttu sekin ja muita kertomuksia

Kun nuori nainen menee naimisiin vasten isänsä tahtoa, hän ei arvaa, minkälainen elämä häntä odottaa. Hänen aviomiehensä on nimittäin syvästi loukkaantunut vaimon isän halveksunnas ...

Cover for Varjo


Eräällä oppineella miehellä on salaperäinen naapuri, jota kukaan ei tunne. Yhtenä iltana mies pohtii, voisiko hänen varjonsa käydä naapurissa ja kertoa hänelle, mitä naapurista löy ...

Cover for Elämän ja kuoleman pidot

Elämän ja kuoleman pidot

Nuori maisteri palaa maailmalta kotiin. Hän saapuu juhlistamaan Hannu-sedän syntymäpäiviä, mutta hänen paluunsa tuntuu olevan suurempi spektaakkeli kuin sedän juhlat. Tämä saa mais ...

Cover for The Drummer

The Drummer

We are used to reading about princes saving their princesses from dangers. But this tale will surprise you. It is a story about a young drummer and a disembodied, bewitched princes ...

Cover for The Peasant and the Devil

The Peasant and the Devil

If there was someone to trick the Devil himself, you would not expect it to be a hard-working peasant, right? Well Brothers Grimm surprise us yet again with a folktale about an unr ...

Cover for The True Sweetheart

The True Sweetheart

Some are born with a golden spoon in the mouth. Others are forced to lead difficult and unfair life full of miser and desperation. This time the heroine in our story is not a princ ...

Cover for The White Bride and the Black One

The White Bride and the Black One

The Lord once visited one evil woman’s home. She was so rude and impolite that the Lord made her and her daughter ugly. The woman’s stepdaughter was however so kindhearted and good ...

Cover for The Six Servants

The Six Servants

Once lived an evil sorceress who had a beautiful daughter. Many princes tried to win the princess’s heart but the queen would not let them take her daughter that easily. The admire ...

Cover for The Shoes that Were Danced to Pieces

The Shoes that Were Danced to Pieces

One king had twelve beautiful daughters who slept all together in one chamber. Each evening the king would lock their room and each morning he would find them with shoes danced to ...