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Cover for Smurfs: Storytime Collection 4
Isbn: 978-87-2699-690-6
Publisher: Saga Egmont
3-6 years Children's books
Accessible since: July 2022
Narrator: John Hastings
Length: 30 minutes


Smurfs: Storytime Collection 4

The Smurfs are always excited to meet new friends and mysterious creatures! In the latest story collection, Smurfette and a little girl are held captured by an evil witch, Gargamel tries to make Smurf soup, and Papa Smurf gets to know a very special nymph - but beware: she has a big secret!

With exciting tales about friendship, an enchanted garden, and an unbreakable mirror, this magical five-story collection is sure to delight with tales of magic, potions and evil wizards.

'The Smurfs - Storytime Collection 4' is perfect for early readers, reluctant readers, and older fans, who just want to indulge in some good old 80's nostalgia.

The Smurfs were created in 1958 by the Belgian cartoonist Pierre 'Peyo' Culliford. The small, blue creatures live together in small mushroom-like houses in a village deep in the forest. When they are not playing, building, eating, or inventing new things, they are meddling with the evil wizard Gargamel and his cat Azrael, who wants to get rid of them...
The Smurfs and associated trademarks are owned by Peyo Creations. © 2022 Peyo Creations.

Get ready for adventures in Smurf Village with all your favourites: Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Harmony, Hefty and all the other little, blue creatures. Hear what happens when Baker Smurf runs out of eggs for his cake, when Vanity Smurf’s reflection suddenly comes to life, or when Gargamel repeatedly tries to spoil the Smurfs' peaceful life with his evil plans and dangerous elixirs. Buckets of Smurf fun!

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