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Cover for The Twelve Brothers

The Twelve Brothers

A king and a queen had twelve sons. The queen was expecting her thirteenth child when the king announced that if it is a girl, he will kill his twelve sons. The worried mother foun ...

Cover for The Strange Musician

The Strange Musician

The life of a travelling musician is not as easy as it seems. They have to go from one place to another and oftest all by themselves. One day the musician in our story got so lonel ...

Cover for The Good Bargain

The Good Bargain

Is it a good bargain to throw money to the frogs in the pond and then complain about the frogs’ behavior? Is it smart to give a slaughtered cow to the dogs and then expect somethin ...

Cover for The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids

Goats and wolfs are not the best friends, you may know. This is why the mother goat in our tale warned her seven kids to look our for the wolf and stay away from him. However the c ...

Cover for The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was

The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was

Here goes a story about two brothers. The one was hard-working and smart while the other one was quite the opposite. He was so stupid that he even did not know what it meant to get ...

Cover for The Frog King, or Iron Henry

The Frog King, or Iron Henry

Let us tell you a magical story. There was once a beautiful princess who liked spending her time playing with a golden ball. But one day the ball fell into a well. The princess got ...

Cover for The Shepherd's Boy and the Wolf

The Shepherd's Boy and the Wolf

A young shepherd boy has found a way to amuse himself. Again and again he yells to the villagers that there is a wolf – even though there is not. One day the shepherd boy actually ...

Cover for The Golden Key

The Golden Key

Can you imagine finding a golden key in a cold, dark winter night? What will you do with it? Where can it lead you to? Do you know that a small boy has already found a key like tha ...

Cover for The Boot of Buffalo Leather

The Boot of Buffalo Leather

What would you choose if you got lost in the woods: continue wondering around with a unknown huntsman or rather take shelter in robbers’ den? What if the robbers find you and want ...

Cover for Maid Maleen

Maid Maleen

There was a time when a young princess named Maid Maleen fell in a love with a prince. However the princess’s father would not approve of the boy. The king decided to lock his daug ...

Cover for The Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball

"The Crystal Ball" is a fairy tale about magic, fear and love. Three young brothers lead a difficult life with their mother who is afraid by her little sons who may take her magica ...

Cover for Old Rinkrank

Old Rinkrank

Can you imagine what a glass mountain could look like? Now what if we told you that the princess in our story began climbing the steep slopes, but she suddenly slipped and disappea ...

Cover for The Hare and the Hedgehog

The Hare and the Hedgehog

You are about to witness a race between a hedgehog and a hare. Who will you bet on? Even though the winner seems to be obvious, things can change in the very last minute. Who will ...

Cover for The Hut in the Forest

The Hut in the Forest

A secluded hut in the woods does not sound so welcoming, right? However three sisters find themselves there after they get lost one after another. The old man living in the hut all ...

Cover for Snow-White and Rose-Red

Snow-White and Rose-Red

Can you imagine having a bear for a friend? Well the two sisters Snow-White and Rose-Red can. They were so pure-hearted that they could not imagine someone or something hurting the ...

Cover for The Star-Money

The Star-Money

People who have less give more. Have you heard this saying? Do you believe in it? Well let me give you an example. A poor orphaned girl wandered around the countryside, giving away ...

Cover for The King's Son Who Feared Nothing

The King's Son Who Feared Nothing

Is fear a good or a bad thing? Well, if a giant sends you to fetch an apple from the Tree of Life where wild animals wander around, you don’t have the option to be frightened. You ...

Cover for Tarina kolmesta leijonasta

Tarina kolmesta leijonasta

Kun nuori Harry-poika saa mahdollisuuden lähteä isänsä mukaan metsästyssafarille, hän on innoissaan. Harry ei kuitenkaan osaa aavistaa, että savanneilla liikkuu myös muita taitavia ...

Cover for Onnettaren kalossit

Onnettaren kalossit

Haltiatar jättää hyvää hyvyyttään ihmisten löydettäviksi kalossit, joilla on erityisiä taikavoimia. Kalossit jalkaansa laittava pääsee nimittäin hetkessä siihen paikkaan ja aikaan, ...

Cover for Riita


Ivan Ivanovitsh ja Ivan Nikiforovitsh ovat naapurit ja hyvät ystävät. Naapurusten välille syntyy kuitenkin riitaa varsin mitättömästä asiasta. Vaikka kaipuu toisen seuraan on suuri ...

Cover for Novelleja


Amiraali de la Vallée kertoo rakkausseikkailustaan, jota hän pitää itsekin kovin omituisena. Hänen pitkät monipolviset matkansa ovat vieneet hänet Ganharan kaupunkiin Keski-Intiaan ...

Cover for The Shot

The Shot

“The Shot” is a story about a duel between two people, Sylvio and an unnamed Count. The narrative revolves around the shot that did not take place, one that goes on forever. The un ...

Cover for The Wife

The Wife

Anton Chekhov’s short story “The Wife” offers a panoramic description of Russian life amidst the constantly warring oppositions of marriage. The frost of winter cannot compare to t ...

Cover for The Beggar

The Beggar

Chehkov’s short story “The Beggar” revolves around the theme of spiritual transformation where a depraved alcoholic becomes a better person through compassion and kindness. A perfe ...

Cover for The Orator

The Orator

Chekhov’s short story “The Orator” tells of a rather embarrassing situation when a famous orator stands in front of a crowd at a funeral ceremony. Filled with satire towards and cr ...